Turn your desktop to black, so you can sleep better.
Do you like to listen to your favorite songs right before you fall asleep? Do you mind the shining of your computer screen, even though you turned it away? Your problems are over! We found a perfect solution for all music lovers and everybody else, who'd like to enjoy the audio, but doesn't appreciate the video. Soft music all night long, latest hits right after you lay your head on the pillow, a recorded bedtime story from your child’s favorite story page, the next chapter of your audio book. We all like to wind down before falling asleep and nothing seems as relaxing as closing our eyes and simply listening to our choice of sounds. But playing them on a computer means we’re subjected to uncomfortable bluish light, disturbing our chill down moments. Therefore we’d like to introduce you to black screen, a perfect tool to help you loosen up without disruptions. Black screen is a simple, web based function, acting like a light switch – it turns off the nasty shining of your computer screen, so you can really dive into music. You can set the black screen to dominate your screen for a specific length of time, from 10 minutes to 10 hours. All you have to do is pick your music or audio recording, click on desired length of black screen and “Yay!” … Your screen is pitch-black and your mind can wonder off. What about afternoon naps? Black screen takes care of that, too. You can choose a black screen with an alarm, so you’ll never sleep for hours, instead of taking a power nap. Another opportunity where our black screen comes in handy, is exercising. Many people like to work out at home while listening to the music, but a screen with a musical video played at the same time, might be a huge problem. You suddenly realize you’re not working out at all, but watching the video! The same goes for parties – you invite guests and want to play some music, but everyone starts to stare at your big computer screen. No more – simply use black screen and enjoy audio without visual interruptions. Music without video? Seems like the good old days and that’s why you’ll love black screen even more.